National Cluster Industry 4.0.


SPLAST became a member of Cluster Industry 4.0. The aim of the cluster is to integrate companies preparing for the implementation of intelligent technologies, as well as companies producing components and systems used in industrial digitization processes.
Cluster Industry 4.0 was established by the representatives of Rzeszów University of Technology and companies operating in the field connected with the broadly understood area so called Industry 4.0. Cluster members are also DOPAK, SVLR, GENPLAST and RDC Materials.
The cluster does not allow only to develop research into intelligent plants, but also to implement integrated computer systems based on our industrial potential and not just our region.
It can be said that this is another stage of entry into so-called ”the fourth industrial revolution” based on the foundations built within the Central Industrial District CID - adds PhD. Budzik, Vice-Rector for Science, Rzeszów University of Technology.

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