Who we are

Our Company was founded by Tadeusz Sanocki in 1989 year and till today is a family Company with 100% private polish capital. It specializes in technical plastic injection moulding of technical thermoplastics.

Currently SPLAST is one of the most modern injection moulding plant in Poland and the strategic supplier for:

  • Automotive industry,
  • Electronics,
  • Household appliances,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Furniture.


SPLAST is also a leading Polish and European manufacturer of professional manual cleaning equipment, which is widely used in effective cleaning of offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, etc.

The company has got a modern machinery park, which is having a wide range of possibilities for the production of injection technologies, which are as follow:

  • injection of 1, 2, 3 and 4K,
  • gas injection,
  • MuCell injection,
  • Variotherm,
  • prints: hot-stamping, tampo,
  • welding: vibration, ultrasonic,
  • plasma activation,
  • gluing,
  • sealing dispensing,
  • assembly,
  • direct metal laser sintering /EOS/,
  • production of injection moulds,
  • extrusion of material.


SPLAST applying the Quality Management System was authorized with the following certificates ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001:2015.

Currently SPLAST plants are:

  • total area over 20,0 hectares,
  • automated production including 8 production halls with an area of 22.410 m2,
  • 700 employees,
  • warehouses with an area over 15.000 m2 with 25.000 pallet places,
  • modern laboratories equipped with, among others, dimensional optical scanners Atos or 3D measuring machines,
  • Research and Development Center equipped with, among others, testing machine, scanner measuring machine, CMM machine (Coordinate Measuring Machine), multisensor measuring machine, 3D printer
  • 70% of the production is for export,
  • experienced team of designers, designers working in CAD / CAM and process engineers and quality of carrying out more than 80 projects per year,
  • 60 T of raw material daily consumption / 7 days per week / 24 hours per day ...


SPLAST is an innovative company, the main reasons are:

  • almost 3% is dedicated for research and development,
  • in the years 2018 - 2020: 4 new technologies / over 100 new products/ 4 international patents / 11 community designs.


Plant no 2: Krosno, Lotników 13
Plant no 1: Jedlicze, Sienkiewicza 19
Plant no 2: Krosno, Lotników 13
Plant no 3: Hungary, Alsózsolca / Miskolc
Plant no 4: Jasło, Fabryczna 4

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