Applied technologies

The company has got a modern machinery park, which allows a wide range of possibilities for the production of injection technologies as follow:

  • injection of 1, 2, 3 and 4K,
  • gas injection,
  • MuCell injection,
  • composite injection,
  • Variotherm,
  • prints: hot-stamping, tampo,
  • welding: vibration, ultrasonic,
  • plasma activation,
  • gluing,
  • sealing dispensing,
  • assembly,
  • direct metal laser sintering /EOS/,
  • production of injection moulds,
  • extrusion of material,
  • IMD (in-mold decoration),
  • IMP (in-mold painting).
Injection of 1, 2, 3 and 4K
Gas injection
MuCell injection
Prints: hot-stamping, tampo
Welding: vibration, ultrasonic
Plasma activation
Sealing dispensing
Automatic assembling
Automatic hot-stamping & assembling
Production of injection moulds
Direct metal laser sintering /EOS/
Extrusion of material

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